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This happened

Based on the information provided, it appears that there might be an issue with an affiliate program by Monkey Digital, which is promising a lifetime revenue opportunity of 35% for every order made by affiliates. The email from Mike Leapman of Monkey Digital encourages website owners to join their affiliate program and generate affiliate links to earn a commission on SEO services.

However, there are several red flags raised by this offer that need to be thoroughly investigated. It’s important to note that promises of high percentages of commission, particularly lifetime revenue opportunities, can sometimes be misleading or even indicative of potential scams. Additionally, the legitimacy and quality of the SEO services provided by Monkey Digital should also be verified.

To conduct a thorough investigation, it is recommended to search for reviews or feedback from individuals who have participated in Monkey Digital’s affiliate program. This can help determine if the promised commissions are actually paid out and if the services provided are reliable.

Furthermore, it would be beneficial to search for any legal issues, complaints, or scam reports related to Monkey Digital or its affiliate program. This can provide insight into any potential risks associated with becoming an affiliate for this company.

Additionally, reaching out to relevant regulatory bodies or consumer protection agencies to inquire about the legitimacy of Monkey Digital and its affiliate program can also help clarify any concerns about the offer presented by Mike Leapman.

Overall, it is crucial to thoroughly research and investigate the background and reputation of Monkey Digital, as well as any potential legal or ethical issues related to their affiliate program, before deciding to participate.