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Revolutionizing Plaintiffs’ Litigation Through AI

Section 1: EvenGiants.com Levels the playing Field For Plaintiffs In Litigation

People often suffer losses or have legal claims that are not brought, fail, or settle at too low a valuation because of the high cost of litigation.

Many People do not know that other people may have similar claims.

Even Giants aggregates the different claims so that people and attorneys know that the claims are numerous,

Attorneys often litigate these claims on contingency with the attorney having to bear the costs and expenses of litigation.

Defendants know that individuals and attorneys cannot efficiently or effectively litigate many claims, so the defendants have incentives to take advantage, to litigate the claims aggressively, and create high costs.

As a result,  many valid claims are not brought, many valid claims fail by fault of lack of sufficient funding and support, and many claims settle fat below their value

Great injustice can results, creating a windfall to bad acting defendants and encouraging defendants to act

EvenGiants levels the playing field for individuals and their attorneys .


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Section 3: The Future of Even Giants